HDD Install??

So I just picked this up (Retail Disk) and there isn't an option to install it to my HDD where I like to keep all my games. Is this normal, and do I have to play this from the disk?

Also, what texture packs are good? Is the natural texture pack a must? I'm a fan of Skyrim so would that be a good pack to start with?


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You just now noticed that option?!  It's there with every retail game on disc.  The purpose is to decrease the moving pieces for your DVD drive and in some instances, help with loading times.  And yes, of course you would need to have disc in the drive, or people would just be installing games and returning them to Redbox/Gamefly.


As for the texture packs, I can't help you as I haven't downloaded any of them.  Sorry.

I think he said there "isn't" an option to install it to the HDD...

Oops.  I guess he did.  =/   It was really early and I hadn't finished my coffee yet.