HDCP problem and Xbox thinks I'm connected via DVI

I have a problem, I've posted before in the past about this but got nowhere, well I'm going to try again. When I go watch movies or use Sky Player I get an error message "Secure HDCP link not found". My friend suggested enabling Display Discovery, so when I do the Xbox thinks I'm connected Via DVI. But when I disable It, It says I'm in HDMI which is correct. When It is enabled I still can't watch Movies because I get the same error message. I have two HDMI cables and they both do it, they are cheap cables, could this be why? Anyway I've tried it on two other TV's and it does the same thing. Does anyone else have this problem? could it be a fault with the Xbox? I've ordered a new cable for £4.99 off amazon, and I've also ordered a DVI to HDMI cable aswell. The TV is HDCP compatible aswell, and so are the others so surely It can't be a fault with the TV. Any suggestions and does anyone else have this problem?


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go to the tech forums and I am very sure someone can answer....  I used a dvi to hdmi adapter on my computer monitor before i got a monitor with hdmi on it, and had no problems.....sorry i cant help

i have the exact same problem with my xbox, tried 3 diffrent cables and 2 diffrent tv's also tested the cables on another xbox made around the same time and they work perfect on the other one

its definitely a problem with the xbox and not my tv's or cables

sorry i cant help, just wanted to say your not the only one with this issue

Yeah this sucks, I have to send my xbox in for them to fix this. Word to the wise, DO NOT PLUG A VGA CABLE into your xbox, if you do, you can't go back to HDMI because it will kill netflix!!!!

So you think it could have been VGA that caused this? I did use VGA before i used HDMI aswell.

It's an Xbox software issue with HDMI. I've found numerous post from owners of new LCD, Plasma and (like myself) LED TVs having the same problem. It's not your cables, your Xbox or your TV. I feel sorry for the thousands of people that have been mislead by Xbox into sending their Xbox in for repair. No doubt they will eventually make a patch that fixes the problem, but for now all you can do is rock the old Composite Connection by buying yet another Xbox special cord.

I switch between VGA and HDMi sometimes, VGA if i use my LED monitor if im watching football on the TV at the same time.


Once or twice, when switching the lead back to the HDMi, the 360 seemed to 'forget' that it was HDMi, and stated i was using DVI.


All i did was unplug the HDMi again, turn the 360 on and off, pop the lead back in, and it was back to the HDMi settings.


Dont know if that advice will help any of you guys, but its worth sharing with you i feel.