HD textures install order.

So I installed disk 1 then disk 2 and when I started the game I was prompted to install the HD texture on disk 2. 

But the progress bar didn't move for over an hour (I was taking care of kids and didn't notice right away) . 

A google search later and I find that the install order should be, Disk 1, then the HD textures and disk 2 last. 

I tried it and the hd textures started installing right away properly. 

A manual with instructions how to properly install this would be nice UBI ahem...


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Made same mistake as you.  When I checked HD, I could only see disk 2 installed.  Didnt see any listing for disc one.  Did you reinstall disc 2?

I installed disk 2 on my HD then disk 1.  Then when I went into the game it said install HD pack, so I put in disk 2 and it installed just fine.  Took 30 min but it installed without a hitch.

I installed the HD texture packs first, then disc 1 and finally disc 2. No problems on my end so far.

First time I recall seeing a HD texture pack install....installing it now after already installing disc 1 and 2. It's installing slowly...Does the game have a disc swap in the middle somewhere? Can't wait to play this game..

I also installed both discs before the HD pack and had the meter lock up. You have to install the HD pack before installing disc 2 for some dumb reason.