HD Texture PACK. How do I know I Downloaded it?

I went through the install to HDD. Loaded the game up. It asked if I would like to install HD content. I said, "YES". Downloaded HD content, but... To me, it doesn't look like I have the HD pack. The textures do not look very Hi-Res. SO...

How do I confirm that I did indeed successfully download the HD texture pack and it is successfully streaming from my HDD? 


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look on your harddrive in settings , its tagged as "marketplace content" in the bf3 game files and its 1.5 GB , if you see that you have the pack installed

If you're expecting PC type graphics, don't. I think the graphics are more on the level of Bad Company only slightly better.

go to  SETTINGS / SYSTEM SETTINGS / MEMORY pick your HDD and navigate to teh game . It show show you everything installed for that game there.

Ok, will try in a few. Thanks.

you litterally cannot miss the prompt to install this.