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When I try to load battlefield 4 I get this screen: "A content installation that will ensure optimal quality and game play is required to play battlefield 4. This requires an xbox 360 hard drive and 2GB of free space". However, I have 2.4 GB of free space so when I click ok, the dashboard pops up and says "The game only permits installing HD content on the xbox 360 hard drive". I'm confused? My only memory storage is the console, I have more than enough space but I can't get past this screen? Anyone else know what to do.

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Is your Xbox the one with the 4GB?

Having the same problem....Any answers yet ?

same problem. been waiting for a call back from microsoft for two hours. from what I have learned from various sources, it looks like we will have to buy a hard drive or just not play. i have two flash drives with plenty of storage but they are not acceptable. there is a 20gb hard drive available for purchase, but i have heard that it is not a solution. you can buy a 200+gb hd if you dont mind spending an extra hundred to play the game (not an option for me). I think we got taken. like I said, waiting for microsoft to contact me still to be sure.

Yes, you guys need an official Microsoft hard drive to play this game, which is 250/320 GB I think, which is 70/130 dollars, I think.


It sucks but getting a HD is worth it more than just playing BF4.

Same problem hit me as well. Good thing I can return my Game chair and USB to get a shiny new External HD. //I really needed one anyways, I have too much content I want to use that is restricted by my limited storage space.