HBO GO Perpetual Video Error

I haven't found any info about this searching support, but on the HBO Go site they do have a troubleshooting article that acknowledges there is a problem and they are working to fix it.  I was wondering what Microsoft is doing to correct this issue.  I've been having trouble with my Kinect and the HBO GO app since recent updates to the console and feel like these updates are breaking more than I'm gaining from them.  I would like to know if Microsoft support is aware of this issue and if they are working on it from their end as well.

In case you've experienced a perpetual "Video Error" response from the HBO Go app, here are HBO Go's suggested fixes (though I've yet to get them to work for me):

If you continue to experience issues please follow the steps below: 

  1. Uninstall the HBO GO application. Go to the "My Games & Apps" section of Xbox > highlight the HBO GO app and press the menu button > select delete.
  2. Confirm that the Xbox One Console software is updated to the latest version (Install updates if they are available)
  3. Power Cycle the Xbox 
  4. Reinstall and reactivate the HBO GO application
  5. Power cycle your home networking equipment (Modem & Router)
  6. Run the Xbox One speed test
  7. Test video playback using a hard wired connection

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