Hazard and Cliffside

Does anyone else notice that the new COD map Hazard is just a redesigned cliffside?


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The most obvious redesigned map in black ops. Can you guess the others?

Treyarch stated (before the map pack released) that they redid Cliffside to be Hazard. They didn't just want to copy it completely, but update it to the Black Ops engine and era.

I actually think it's pretty cool how they redesigned it. Haven't got to play the maps too much. Just downloaded. Most of my time has been consumed with getting the zombies map to work.

Hazard is one of my favorite maps on this game. I loved Cliffside also but Hazard is awesome. I wanna see that groundhog.


i do like hazard but wish they woulda just made cliffside for blops.

    I played mostly ffa .... and cliffside didnt come up in ffa. But from the times I did play tdm, I think I liked cliffside better.

Hazrd is a bit too crisp and colorful to be as good of a sniping map as cliffside was.

Cliffside was a better map imo..  Hazzard is a good map though!

The map has alot of clean views. Makes me wish I had my Mosin-Nagant.

Hazard is my favorite map for sniping. There are so many sightlines.