Having problems with tutorial!

It says to perform a Power Kombo using X, A, and Y. I have no trouble getting X and A to perform. I press those and my character performs then with ease. As soon as I press  Y, my character just stands there like I didn't even press Y. The thing is, I press Y by itself and my character responds just fine.

What am I doing wrong? I want to learn how to play and I don't want to be stuck on this part of the tutorial for hours pressing the same damn 2 buttons when the third button clearly doesn't make my character respond.


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If it's the part where you have to chain these together quickly, then you need to make sure you don't double tap X or A before pressing Y. And also you have to press them all pretty quickly for it to register, if it's asking JUST to press X,A and Y without any arrows, then try standing next to the opponent and trying it without moving. Don't worry, I was stuck on this for a while when I first started the game up, once you do the tutorial, I would go straight to practice and get the feel of it, and maybe go back to tutorial again. This helped me and I hope it helps you :)

Okay, I'll try that.

Hmm I'm not too sure, but I certainly remember coming across this when I did the tutorial, just kept doing those moves and wouldn't continue, then randomly would, I'd say give it a few more tries, if no go. Quit out and try again....or just go into practice

I am having this same problem.  I was a little embarrassed because I thought it meant I sucked.  I just keep hitting x,a,y over and over and it doesn't let me progress.  

Yeah unfortunately I'm unaware if this is a glitch...or if the game is expecting you to do this so many times or in a precise way. But I'm presuming it's happened to a lot of people. Doesn't mean you suck though :) Just keep at it till it registers or quit out, try again or head over to practice, that's a good way to learn the moves of characters and how to use them together.

I would also recommend going through the story, especially before venturing online. It's a good way to get used to the controls and also the different characters at the same time.

I just gave up and started playing. I'm really enjoying Cyrax. He's a pretty fast fighter and he responds well to whatever button I push. Also, I noticed that in order to get a certain Achievement where I play the Arcade Ladder as Cyrax and Sektor, I need to use their primary costumes? How do I access their primary costumes? Can somebody fill me in on this?

Primary costumes just press A, to select the other press start, to choose the alt colour of any outfit (the second player colour) press start, then start again.

When you unlock new costumes, you highlight the character but press select, and will come up with Costume 1 and Costume 2. But if you don't have any alt costumes it won't come up, they can be unlocked in the krypt. As for their primary costumes, I think it refers to their cyborg costumes....which is the their first costume anyway. Their alternative costumes are their human forms

Yeah, primary is another word for first.