having problems finding my DLC please help

i pre ordered Fable Anniversary and when i picked it up the day of relese i was given a code on my receipt from the store and also the two codes that where inside my case after i entered them they fully downloaded and saved to my 360. but as i begain to play as a child and an aprintace i didnt have any of my DLC except the avatar item but i didnt have any in game DLC so i continued to play and when i became a HERO still i didnt have any DLC i would like to know if i must buy the outfits and wepons from a vender somewhere or where my outfits and wepons are located. thank you 


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The DLC is found in a shop, for free, but the shop depends on which items you got.  I saw a list earlier and when I find it again, I'll edit this post with the link.

Found it:


cool. i was wondering the same.

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The DLC is found in a shop, for free, but the shop depends on which items you got.  


I had read that it wasn't free, you have to buy it with in game currency.  

Hmm, I thought I read it was free, but I haven't looked for mine yet.  Let us know what u find out.

You have to pay for the dlc items. You can find them in various shops. There are a few dlc items in Oakvale. I bought a few of the items yesterday and today. I have an unlimited amount of money, and I have the best weapons in the game. You just have to search for them.

Thanks. I was curious about this as well. ;)

I saw in Lionshead forums that it was xbox lives fault. If you look at the download there is supposed to be like 106 kb but there is only 56 kb  loaded and so they say its xbox lives fault

I bought 25 dollars worth of dlc that hasn't shown up in any shops I've done everything and then I called xbox support they didn't do *** except say they will make a case for this issue which I see still isn't fixed what are they doing stealing our *** money I'm so frustrated

^^  Try the things mentioned in this thread.