Having game issues? Post them here.

I'm making this thread for any one who is having issues with the game, me and possibly a couple others will try our best to reply to every one who posts here to help them if we can. If we can't, i'll gladly send a ticket in with all problems to the company so they know what to fix. I will send a flag in on any one who comes in here and try's to start a war with other people, please keep this thread peaceful, and only post your issues (Bugs and etc).


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i'm having lots of problems where AI's are not where they should be according to the map, quests cannot be completed as i cant speak to the relevant character, im also taking ages to load if at al, several times ive had to exit the game .  can anyone help ??

LoL problems, like so very many others I'm simply unable to login on either of the servers so far I've received 5 different error messages My Fav being you have no valid internet connection. I recived that whilst in a chat party with my gf. Whom has so far had not a single problem with the game. It is clear that they have made some major mistakes with this game, that is on the technical side of life. To show how bad it is even the daily express published an article about the login errors on there web site, when news papers are reporting on a games failing you know it's an epic fail.

@MacabreRodril some quest people glitch by my experience on PC. As said its some quests, try looking were you first accepted the quest, and hopefully they are there, if not then its something I can add to the list of issues to be sent in via ticket. Don't understand much on the loading, if you have a perfect internet connection then it might just be a issue on there side, with the many others. As said, its something i'll add to the ticket when I send it in.

@LodeArm, they did that to it when it was release on PC, it had the same issues it is currently having on Xbox, it should be fixed within a week by hope.

I'm trying to login, I did twice and it crashed! Not to mention the queue which I don't think ill ever get the numbers!

@theroniest Do the numbers spam to like 19028401 or somethen? Thats currently a bug.

I read the posting Daily Express did:

The launch of new MMO title, The Elder Scrolls Online, was hit by server woes as huge player demand left many without access.

Users have been unable to enter Tamriel Unlimited several times over the past week due to huge surges in gamer activity, something that developers Zenimax are hoping to combat soon.

General login errors have since been resolved which were connected to overwhelming launch demands on the Xbox One and PS4 megaservers, particularly during peak hours.

Players will be placed in login queues, while Zenimax have conceded that the millions of active players now in ESOTU may require increased server capacity to reduce queues and alleviate any server performance issues.

There are other problems connected with this way of doing things, however, as the queuing system is currently displaying the incorrect wait time and queue placement.

This is purely a visual display bug, Zenimax say, that will be fixed in the next patch.

Zenimax will fix it, just have to give them time. No way to decide how big a game will be, I mean, think of it, the games gonna have tons of people to play and talk with if day 1 it had to stabilize its self.

How long is a Tamriel second?

@ Ken are you asking how long it is in gametime compared to real life?

invisible npc ... hour to log on ... invisible mobs ...  just to name a few

@ Disturbd invisible npc and mobs last i've seen has been easily fixed by re-logging. The hour log on is only at random, it really depends on how many people are trying to get on, I had to wait only like 10-15 minutes for a 10,000 people Que.

* Please try a lower page number.

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* Please try a lower page number.

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