Having a hard time with this game.. Advice?

I'm more of a part time gamer.. and haven't really had a lot of game time with FPS games.  Heck, I recently started playing my Xbox again. 

I REALLY liked MW 1 and did very well with it.  At least above average I would say..  But, I'm having a HELL of a time with this game.  Maybe I'm too told to keep up with the younger gamers.. Damn this game seems very fast paced and lots of closed space.  That I can get used to.  The part that is really buggin the hell outta me is how fast I get my @@@ handed to me.  I see some of the kill cam shots and I have no idea how these shots come off.  I can't even pop someone out in the open, but, people are shooting me through knots in the wood and gaps in walls and fences and stuff. 

On top of that, when I do get the drop on someone, I unload and still get nailed with 1 or 2 shots from them as I'm pulling the trigger.  I like the game and want to get better at it.  So I'm wondering, from you vets out there that are able to hold your own...  what is it that you do to be successful??  Got any tips for settings or things to make sure I do more offen?

Because no matter what..  when I go left, I get shot from the right..  vice versa.  I take it slow, they run up on me..  I run and gun, I get nailed by the one thats inching along.  If it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have any at all.


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Maybe I'm too told (OLD) to keep up with the younger gamers.

this isnt school kid he's just asking for advice

Sorry for the typo junior.  But, I'm sure the rest of the people reading this will be happy you cleared it up for them.  Appreciate your contribution to my questions though.  You must be trying to tell me....  Spell check is my key to Call of Duty victory.  

I'll use it as a last resort.

just be patient

they made this game for the run and gunners, so learn the maps, find the right gun, and move on the map.   I wasnt sure, after playing for hours, but then, i started to figure it out.  campers will be in trouble, several routes into buildings, and holding up wont work.

Like every CoD game ever, find the choke points on each map and learn to dictate them. Playing objective modes reveal 2-4 choke points on each map, on TDM it's kind of a big bad-spawning mess. If you have people to talk to and co-ordinate with, you'll automatically improve.

Heres my advice, SELL IT. and buy a proper shooter game

Well, Acidic.. if it comes to that.. I'm prepared to do it.  I do have BF3 and I like that game very much.  But, I have a lot of friends that play COD and I see potential.  But, I have to be able to figure out my routine with it.  If I can't get into the game and keep sucking.. then yeah, it will go.

Thanks for all the comments everyone.  I will keep this all in mind.

Just keep at it, man. There's no other real way to get better. It will happen quicker than you think. Just take your time, think strategically and communicate with your teammates. Paying attention to your minimap is a big deal too, not just when the UAV is up but also just to check out where the rest of your team is. This can help you roughly guess where the enemy might be (probably opposite where your teammates are). It never hurts to check out videos on some of the more talented players' youtube channels. I've learned a lot from just watching matches like that. This guy is one of my favorites: [View:http://www.youtube.com/user/xJawz?blend=1&ob=4]

Hope this helps, buddy!