Haven't Played Since New Years, Anything Change?

Basically, I do not like MW3, but that's okay; I stopped playing it sometime in January. When I bought it, I knew it was a gamble, so I'm not mad that I lost, nor am I here to tell anyone who does like it they're a silly n00b or whatever e-word is en vogue today. What I am here to do is ask if certain things about the game have changed because, like a fool, I bought Elite at launch & want the maps I paid for, so I might give the game another go.


1. Has the camping gotten worse?

2. How bad is the boosting?

3. Lag is the main reason I quit -- in parties I experienced the worst lag I've ever experiencing in MP gaming; solo I experienced next-to-none. So how's the lag?

4. Any weapon nerfs I should know about?

5. Any exploits, glitches, mods, hacks, etc I should know about?

6. Is Domination still TDM with pesky flags that get in the way of killwhoring?

7 Finally, do people still do the TI glitch in Killcon?




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1) Camper will camp no matter what.

2) Boosting was bad in the new game mode infection.

3) The lag just get worse with every update.

4) I don't know if they nerf any weapons lately, haven't heard much complaints.

5) There was hack or mods that knock you back far. Prestige glitch.

6) I don't know about domination, but I am for sure it hasn't change.

7) I don't know about this one

The simple answer, and probably the one you're expecting, is no.  I still play it a lot and usually find it enjoyable, but the game is still full of bull that should never have been included in the first place.

I don't play it that much to notice

1: Now that people are understandign what lag compensation is the camping has gotten far worse. Everyone now worries about firing rate and the majority of campers will camp with rapid fire smg's or silenced ACR's.

2: I havent seen that many boosters...i mostly play TDM and SEARCH


4: I think the striker and dual fmg's were patched..not sure

5: umm yeah..there was a "Walking Ac-130" glitch buit that got patched. Kids are modding their controllers for RSASS's.

6: Domination has been a killwhore TDM mode since MW2. Funny how most kids think they are good with a 3.00 k/d but wouldnt survive 1 round of SEARCH.

7: dont know what that is...lol

The last time I played it,it was still an arcade shooter that should have stayed in the arcade.


Im glad I didn't buy elite,I gave IW a second chance and they failed.Just waiting for November and a decent CoD again,until then I'll try some other stuff out for a change.



1. Camping will always be there. I camp, you camp, we all camp.

2. I haven't noticed much of it besides the occasional split screeners in Infected.

3. You must have some really godly connection cause I experience little to no lag with my walmart connection. Lag compensation ftw lolz.

4. FMG9, Type95, Striker, the list goes on.

5. Not that I've seen. I've heard of prestige lobbies, wall hax and infinite killstreaks in the air. I haven't been into a single game of the sort though.

6. Probably. How else are you supposed to play Domination?! It's basically TDM, but with many more kills. I can pull off 50+ kills in Dom, I can't do that in TDM.

7. I don't think so cause they realize now that they get banned and reset by doing so, but I haven't played KC in a while so not totally sure. 

Not much. Still as boring as ever.

Its still COD!!! LOL. I feel for you with the lag. Ive had to change most of my friends lists to people that live near me or my home state. Now I mostly party up with a bunch of people from Texas and we stay four barred all the time. I would advise anyone to do that with COD MP. The rest is still the same, its COD, what did you expect, LOL. I really liked playing with you and a ton of the forum people, but the lag killed my gaming experience. Maybe a locale search for BO2, who knows?