Havel's Tower Key

So I made the unfortunate mistake of not choosing the Master Key at the beginning of my game, so I can not auto access Havel's Tower (where you fought the Taurus Demon, but below). I desperately need Havel's ring to take on Smough and Ornstein, so im wondering how to get in there? I hear there is another entrance in the Forest, but can't find it. Help is appreciated!


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You can enter the forest from the doorway by the Blacksmith in the Undead Parish, take your first right(you'll see an incline with a lamp glowing), traverse down that way......as for the key..........can't remember if you needed a special key for the bottom door to Havel

Sorry, should have been more clear. I know how to get to the forest, what I mean is where IN the forest is the door that leads to him? But I read somehwere its just the Basement Key you need to open the door to him in the Burg, so Huzzah! Thanks anyways tho : )