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whats up my 2K faithfulls!! i need your help on this topic, now after reading quite a few posts i've read how gamers were upset that legends like Barkley & Reggie Miller weren't in the upcoming 2K12 game... i need you to check this youtube video  enter it in the search window just as i type it ok..   NBA  2k12 Official Gameplay (August 2011 Classic Teams)    Now back to my point & case, this video looks great and if you really look you Will see Barkley in the houston rockets uniform, now pay attention & you will see the pacers on the court ( i noticed rick smits but not miller) other players you will notice is David Robinson of the spurs latrell sprewell (golden state warriors) and one of my favorites is Michael Jordan & Iverson matchup at the top of the paint where AI crosses him up twice! another thing you will see if you pay close attention is at least 2 or 3 uniforms that appear to possibly belong to FIBA.. now i thought they may also be created jerseys too HOWEVER!!! if you look closely at least one of the courts they show they have that pyramid type of free throw line just like the FIBA uses and being that for the 2nd straighr year there won't be any EA sports nba live or elite (or whatever they want to name that crap!) i hope they don't have the rights to fiba anymore.. but not to stray away from 2k12,.. I've read posts where ppl claim that EA does still have the rights to FIBA but after you watch this video please post your remarks because if what they show is in fact true... EA sports should just resign from making basketball games and be prepared for that fantastic NBA experience!   oh yeah i almost forgot ... you'll also see my dude!! Chris Webber moving down court (if you haven't heard the 01-02 Sacramento Kings with Cwebb, Bibby & Co. & the Golden State Warriors (i forgot what era for them but i do know its when they had Chris Mullans, Mitch Richmond etc ) willl be available if you preorder NBA 2K12) i read about this on operationsports.com & i confirmed it this afternoon by calling  gamestop...! ( and for all you 80's-90's nba fans or denver nuggets fans operationsports has also recently confirmed that Laphonso Ellis has been added to the legends team too) hope this was all somewhat helpfull see y'all on Oct 4th until than U all be safe...


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correction i just watched the video again & they do show reggie miller with the fllat top! lol and how can i forget about penny hardaway & shaq in their orlando magic days or grant hill in the pistons uniform, and shaq & kobe back together again..!

That video is NOT 2K12, its 2K11 with a pc mod

LOL!! Which means none of those people will be in the official NBA 2K12. I think people forgot that there was a bunch of PC modes for the NBA 2K11 game. I think they even did a mode for WNBA players.