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have any of noticed the increase of modders? nothing game changing really but i see more and more 12,13 and 14 prestigers with only 1000 kills or less, there surely must be something up with that. i report when i see them but it seems like every time i play i see more and more of them,   discuss


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Yep saw a 10th last night with 3,000 kills.

Sice when is there 15 prestiges in BO2? WHERE HAVE I BEEN.

Don't you have the option to reset your stats each prestige? Maybe that's what your seeing

thats what happen when ppl dont like to listen when i give out a warning. Oh well get over it. And move on.


you can reset everything,including rank,but not just stats.

Well, if your seeing 12th, 13th, and 14th prestiges, there is definately a mod.

i think once you hit prestige master you can have any number as your prestige

that does not mean that they didn't glitch to get to prestige master

It's a mod/glitch/hack so report anyone you see with anything higher than prestige master.