Have you noticed?

That if you do get to play hardcore capture the flag in mosh pit flags, that they cut the time down in each round from 10 minutes to 5 minutes? Does anyone know why, i really don't like it because a lot of games are ending 0-0 each round with no flag captures because it goes by to fast. Any info to why would be appreciated!


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Lol it goes by fast cuz people are camping.

An Old Tired Guy said that it's either a moshpit or everyone camps, due to the time limit. I haven't played HC CTF since the patch.

its 'cos you probaly keep getting sniped.

Its "Capture" the Flag, not "Guard" the Flag....................facepalm.

I actually like the shorter time because many games people are just camping for kills for 10 min.  I'd rather cap the flag and move on to the next round.

I played CTF a few times and thought it was horrible. From the long respawn times to the camping and long round times.  A rework was in order