Have you hit your BF killing zone?

Ok guys, First off, I am a rubbish, I break even and sometimes more kills to deaths, But i never get massive gaps, But last night, Damn did i hit it, I went for a team deathmatch which I normally hate, To start off with i died 3 times with no kills "Oh great" i mean this was like 3 in the morning, And idk i sort of stop focusing and it just came natural, It was a one off for me, 26-6 at the end, I was medic, I was charging all over that map popping guts, Eventually ran out of bullets man and had to use the pistol and still got 4 kills before i died at the end, I want to know do you guys ever have this kill zone so to speak, I get them once in a blue moon lol normally i am farting around in jeeps or the digger on wake island, Tell me your story bro's...and sisters


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good for you, fun when things just click

i am not very good either but i try to be a team player. once in a while i get in a zone and i feel like rambo!! its moments like those that make this game great for me.

you guys got it spot on, i have terrible rounds, but those few that shine out, make the whole thing worth it, god i love the xbox forum community :P

I am always in the “Battlefield killing zone.”

with that erm, what you call it on your post, where it shows stats, I can tell :P

lol you know your on a good killing streak when you run out of bullets and end up trying to do a banzai charge with your knife good game man

Yeah,rarely happens for me,I can rack up points and get MVPs alot of the time but i am not a slayer.Best was only like 32-7 or something on Seine with the 240B,Got 11000 points that game from dropping ammo and capping flags.I once saw a randy in my squad go 65-5 with a sniper rifle on Seine,He was camping alot but fair play to him he was not a useless wookie,He kicked butt.

I was in the zone last night.  33-10 with over 11000 points.  That's what happens when you have a regular group of trusty folks to play with in your squad instead of random blueberries.