Have you had a bonus chest respawn every time you load a game?

I'm in a map that every time i reload the saved game that i have. The map re-spawns a bonus chest in the same area. Maybe I never settled  near my spawn but it seems like i can have an infinite number of chests and starter items if i just reload the same map. Has this ever happened to anyone else?


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I experience the same issue.  I moved my spawn point 30 blocks up by creating a floating platform directly above the spawn area.  To my amazement, a bonus chest spawned on that floating platform next time I loaded the game.  I destroyed the chest, but it keeps spawning, which is disappointing, because I'd rather not give visitors the tools that are in the chest since it interrupts the game play mechanic of my world.  The work around for me is that I have to go back to the spawn point and destroy the chest before people join.

If you dont destroy the spawn chest then it wont keep respawning items in it. But when you destroy the whole thing completely then it respawns every time you load the game with more stuff.

I have since discovered that.  I'm converting the chest to a food chest for visitors to my world, as I hope to someday convert the developed part of my world as an area safe for playing in Easy mode (as opposed to Peaceful).

you have to turn the bonus chest off to get rid of it are else it will keep spawning

You can't do that once you've generated a world, can you?

@wild attorney you are right I went back and checked once you enable a bonus chest its on for good