Have you ever tried to get your parent to play a difficult game just for laughs?

My mom will sometimes spend summers with me and once while she was here I made her try a few challenging games just for a cheap laugh.  Let's see...I think the funniest was some racing game and my mom was driving worse than if she was drunk.  She just couldn't stay on the track at all.  I had a great laugh at her expense. FPS's are fun too.  Mom was just shooting wildly without really aiming at anything.  It was great!  Her hand/eye coordination is so bad it equals hilarity!  


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Pong would be challenging for my dad.

My Dad used to be the terror of the Atari. He gave up on gaming when the Nintendo hit. Says he didn't like the Music. My mom does pretty decent at Tetris, but she'd be lost with an XBOX controller.

My dad plays Forza better then anyone I know or ever saw playing online.

I never race against him cause I always loose. 

If he gets into a shooter for an hour I stop playing with him cause I loose too. 

My mom plays Zumba with her friends and that´s always entertaining.

She is good in it but her friends are not lol

My mom and step father both enjoy the occasional game, so I cannot get a good laugh from them. Now watching my wife drive a car in any game is like watching a standup special

OMG I just laughed loads

I didn't do it for laughs, but I thought my dad might really like The Saboteur, so got it for him. However, even on the easiest setting, it was just too much for him and we all got some good laughs out of the *** completely owning him. It was a shame though too, as he did like what he saw of the game (the setting, and the opening parts of the story which I got through for him), and I could tell he really wanted to keep at it.

That's normal for people who have never really play games. I can't my mom to do things like that sadly.

Previously known as Win7Xbox 360

My dad was a gamer, so there was no real opportunity to goat him into playing a touch title.

I like it when you get a parent to play a racing game and they turn the controller sideways while trying to turn. It looks ridiculous and hilarious.

I my mom that died from colleen cancer. Tried to played games on one of me and my brothers old NINTENDO systems. I tried get her in to XBOX 360 with easy games. But she said no. But when I have kids on my owned. There be games I be good then them. And there  is games they be better then me in. But that be the sad day when that happen. At less they will never will be good Gamerscore in the time I got it. Because they be busy doing home work or playing outside.

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