have you ever noticed this?

i'm probably in the minority to do this, but i've been building out a huge underground space and i've noticed that looking down the tunnel there's a fog or something obscuring the end of it. i figure this was just a way to lower the processing to show a 500+ long tunnel in its entirety, but just now i've started seeing stuff slowly falling in the "fog". the fog kinda changes colors, like sometimes it'll be bright white-ish and other times it'll be blue-ish, am i looking at sky and the falling bits are stars? it's really kinda weird but otherwise pretty cool for the most part.


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i have seen this too, i just figured it was a rendering issue

hmmm, it might be that, since my tunnel is at bedrock...

It might be Void Fog, per this article in the Wiki:


In theory, it doesn't happen until v1.8 Beta, which will probably be a few months until MC360 gets it.


I have seen the whiteness the article talks about when running down a very long corridor.  The game basically doesn't render content past a certain distance.  In the current release, it just displays white.  Apparently, Void Fog will make it display darkness, which will probably be more visually "correct" then a big rectangle of white.


It's a rendering issue.