Have We No Pride? The Industry and Gamers Alike.

I was reading another thread on the topic of Limbo going over to Steam and the PSN and I was shocked (well... I used to be shocked. Now I'm starting to accept most people's disappointing stance as a gamer) to read some of my fellow user's replies.


Copyrights and fanboyism aside... It is disgraceful on a certain level that Microsoft can't keep one of their prime Summer of Arcade games on the Xbox. It just isn't right. Like Goldeneye 007 coming to the XBLA... it just isn't right. Does no gamer today have any pride anymore? Are we all just a bunch of casuals and conservatives now?


I mean, how would you all feel if things had been a little different and Halo CE Anniversary was released on all three consoles? And don't reply with "that would be cool" or something of the like. First party AAA titles should stay first party. Even though Limbo wasn't first party, some sort of agreement should have been in place. I'm not a fanboy. But some titles should stay on their respected company consoles ans handhelds forever. It's what gives Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony each their own flavor and awesomeness. I say let them each keep their respected identities. Sure, obviously if the big three worked together more it would spur greatness. But not unconditional sharing. Is there really anyone here that disagrees?


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If I saw a new Mario game on PS3, or if Uncharted came to the 360, then it would be fine. But it seems only Microsoft executives are morons that hate money.

Exclusives are stupid.

So is Limbo.

Gamers nowadays are a bunch of casuals & hippies "let everyone play everything so everyone can enjoy everything"....ummm that eliminates all aspects of competition. No exclusives is the exact opposite of what gaming needs. Without exclusives, there is nothing to drive a sale in one direction.

It does sound like you are reading too much into it.  It was a year long exclusivity deal.

[quote user="Varakharne"]

Id be happy with just one universal game system.I hate having to own 2 sometimes 3 stand alone systems.I JUST WANT ONE TO RULE THEM ALL.


I hope you are kidding.

I think pride went out of the window for a lot of gamers when mass effect jumped ship from exclusive to across all platforms...

It doesn't make a bit of difference to me personally a game is a game, if I like the look of it I'll get it regardless of console!

All of this over an arcade game? ...Really?

^ Let  say it this way. If you where. Then you are in controlled of what system kit will be on. And you so up tight a game going to other system. It a better choese then taking the compeny right to sale there game how ever they like.

@Dakrplayer2: What's with you and your crusade to have everyone go out and become developers?


@some others: What's with the emphasis on Limbo and not reading past the first, short paragraph?? lol

I just want to play videogames. Having pride is too much work.

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