have to keep restarting campaign

Why do i have to restart everytime i play will not save my progress



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Its been the same for me since day one. Its a shame that this game is still a mess.

I uninstalled the game weeks ago because of this problem.  Was hoping it was fixed by now so I could play it again.

I had the same problem its only because xbox is doing a lot of update the best thing to do is try to complete the game I completed my game on the easy fist and gone on the next one its not do it ever since touch wood lol

Yea...that sucks...my game just did the exact same thing...why cant gamers just save our progress through the hard drive, we should at least have the option to do so, is it the cloud that is *** up?  I would like to think that perfecting the save game issue that many people seem to be having would be a priority for microsoft and to at least provide the option to save on the harddrive???  Oh well what do I know...I dont get paid the BIG BUCKS.

I didnt curse in the above post...I said messed up...not the other word...so please do not ban me for whatever word you think I said...I am simply stating the truth and am not angry with anything.

This angers me, I would like to complete the campaign, but unless I play throughin one sitting, it isnt going to happen.  I have played the first 2 missions 5 times.  Sucks they cant get this to work.

man i had the same problem got all the way to the last mission and had to go to work came back and i had to restart the whole campaign my advice is to give this to EA and dice help them to make this game better