have they got rid of modders

they have done on waw its now clean..just wondering if they have sorted this game out yet


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I have been seeing fewer modder/hackers, but they are still there. I live in the CST (central standard time zone). Usually between 2 P.M. to about 11 P.M. is when I see the most. Mostly UK gamers and USA, probably  school age kids.........

Actually, I’ve seen more, last night was a nightmare. On public lobbies, I had one kid flying around the screen, another outside of the map, this is a real 1st for me. Funny thing is that both of these players where utterly useless and easy to find. I find the multicolor texting to be more annoying, I’m constantly messaging these people saying stop it already and then deleting their replies. An example last night was an Australian dude with the word duthie in his GT, he just kept doing it and doing it, either that or sniping from rooftops which are inaccessible.

And orion, you sure about waw? I loaned my disc and will get it back if sao

a lot of people are saying waw multiplayer is fixed,maybe thats why cod 4 has a few more modders over the last 24 hours.

after a quick look on the infamous modding website there are many of them still hosting infection lobbies and not just for zombies, so i am not convinced just yet.

world at war is almost completely clear :) i played for like 6 hours straight earlier because i felt i might never get the chance again. i didn't see any modders. although i went on cod 4 this evening and it was relatively clear as well, no modders but i was still getting messages on the screen linking me to websites. so just keep the faith :) also zombies is definitely still hacked so try and stay clear :)

That's some good news. It's having me lean back to purchasing this game again.

I played through out the night and never ran into a modder and a hacker. We were all having a good time.

Actually, they are still there. They can turn on/turn off the colored spamming that fills up your screen. When a UAV is on, notice the players outside the map.

 Also, don't you find it odd that someone always knows where you are, kills you? That is called "radar", "preview" or "review". People using this infection cheat can see EVERYONE in the map, even if you are using UAV jammer.

 P.S. Nice ganertag, "Pump". I see an FNC in your future......

CoD4 is overrun with modders still. I sent an email to Stephen Toulouse (Xbox LIVE Director of Policy and Enforcement), on his personal website http://www.stepto.com/ I'm not really expecting a response, but that's ok. I'll send the same message through every service I can find for him and if that fails I'll message all of his coworkers who I can find email addresses, Twitter accounts, etc. for. Basically the email explains it all so I'll copy it here. Are any of you still playing CoD4 and tired of this behavior? If you guys want to see a change I suggest sending him an email as well. Doesn't have to be long, something like "Please help hacking is out of control." *** Email address is removed for privacy ***

Hi. Sorry to randomly email you about xbox live issues on your personal website but I really wanted to get your attention on some issues. I'll try to keep this short and to the point. Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare 1 on Xbox Live is literally overrun with hackers/cheaters/modded players. Almost every game has at least one. They spam the text chat in game to advertise their sites where you can learn how to mod your xbox and install hacks and cheats. I file complaints left and right but that's not how I want to spend my time playing this game. Where is enforcement? Is CoD4 abandonware? The online experience is ruined by this behavior. If you were to bring some of your enforcement pros into CoD4 multiplayer they would cut great swaths through the masses with their ban hammers and is still woudln't be enough. CoD4 PC has punkbuster. CoD4 Xbox has you. Help the honest players out there who paid their hard earned money for this game please. My gamer tag is Cintecian. Any complaints I send in for "system tampering" are blatant and obvious hackers.

most people have done this or something similar,you are wasting your time.

if you do get a response it will say they have no way to monitor online gameplay and so its up to microsoft to deal with it.

They work for Microsoft. It's their job to handle these things. If you meant "it's up to the developer to patch the game." Then I agree. That's why I'm gathering all the contact info for IW staff atm. XBL enforcement is in close communication with the big time developers. I know this for a fact from listening to their PAX podcasts in which they say exactly that. If enforcement takes it upon themselves to suggest a patch to the developer then the developer just may listen. Enough emails and complaints from the XBL community and something will be done. If you just take the attitude of "you're wasting your time" then yeah nothing is going to happen.

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