Have They Fixed Things Yet?

I grabbed the "season" thing as it gives me 4 characters for the price of 3.


Except it doesn't... or at least it hasn't yet.  Like many others it's a little bugged at the moment.


Or at least it was last night.


What about now?


Have they sorted it all out yet?






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You know I think with the problems with the compatibility pack and the season pass it is possible that Skarlet's alt and Nekropolis statue is glitched after all.

I bought Season Pass. Go into game, no Skarlet. Skarlet market as unpurchased and @1200 points.

Many have had same issue, many have had other issues.

After scouring the 'Net, I tried downloading the Compatibility Pack. Go into game - Skarlet is there and playable! BUT she's still marked as unpurchased in the DLC section! Except now she's at 0 points. So I "purchased" her, and now she's marked as purchased as she should be. I think everything is kosher now.

Maybe issues were fixed in the meantime, I don't know. But if you have same problem I had, try DL Compatibility Pack as work-around.

Didnt know it was called the Map Compatibility Pack. Didnt know this game had maps. ;)

Neither did I until a friend who was having the same problem told me about it.

Map Compatibility Pack? Didnt know this game had one.

Just make sure to download the "Map Compatibility Pack 1" from the Game Marketplace as well. Cleared up the mess with downloading Skarlet and the DLC skins.

i found that alot of it is down to if your opponent has dl the free pack, every i thought some one that didn't have the pack it wouldn't let me pick Skarlet.

i asked a couple of them in game and after if they had the pack.

I think he means buying the season pass for 1200msp but then going to the in-game marketplace and it saying Skarlet is 1200msp. I need to know if it was fixed too.

No the DLC was messing around and not letting people have their characters if they donwloaded the Season Pass.



if your on about the de sync then no its still there, i never had it before the patch now im getting it virtually every room i join.

Luv the game but im seriously thinking about trading it in until every thing is fixed.

Did the same with FNC as there online was **** poor also!