Have they added the DLC maps into rotation yet?



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Doesnt look that way

Not until the 2nd map pack is what I've heard. Then the 2nd map pack wont be in until the 3rd, and so on.

It's a bit lame... when I play the DLC maps section there is almost always a full team sitting there pub stomping... go back to standard games and never see the new maps... a bit of a waste of money thus far:(

  I can see them not going into rotation right away, but it has been too long imo. and if we have to wait till next dlc, thats rediculous.

  It might not be so bad either if I liked the setup they have. I've played plenty of moshpit dlc modes before and liked them, but not this one.

I don't mind the setup, I hate just playing 4 maps over and over. It gets boring. Therefore, I played them the first day and haven't seen them since. According to this, I will finally be playing the first pack when the second one come out. These guys just seem to be making worse and worse decisions.

Any idea when the 2nd DLC's coming out?  I too want these in the rotation, sooner rather than later.

Not before Titanfall. Based on past CoDs it'll probably be in April or May.

No senor. I have been doing great with just KC and TDM. Prestiged pretty quick since the dlc and have become used to playing KC.

I wouldn't be surprised if the next DLC came out in late March.  And definitely before May.

As Remedy OmG mentioned. DLC 1 isn't being put into rotation until DLC 2 is released. This has been confirmed by Activision.