have they added more maps to free for all

im sick of playing the same 5 maps over and over again, not been on a week and wont til they add more


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All the vanilla maps are in the rotation. Unfortunately, the voting system of today assures the most popular maps get chosen. I suggest playing Squads with AI and see if the maps you want to play are chosen.

i've seen:


prison break











   I doubt we'll ever see stonehaven or whiteout in ffa.

i like whiteout and stonehaven the one with the castle that would be a great map, taking cover with a sniper, only map i like in the current list is prison break,why leave the best maps out and after all there is like you said a stupid voting system that just makes it a bit of a bore tbh playing the same few maps over and over again, i thought there would be at least 14 maps in ffa, i know some of them are big but they worked fine in mw2

Unfortunately, the community likes small maps and will always elect those over big maps, no matter if they are well designed big maps.

   I'd like playing ffa on those 2 maps too, and stormfront I think would be good.

   I dont look at the game the same as most though. I like a slower,strategic hunt sort of game sometimes..... not every match, but it makes a nice mix. Most people though get upset if the match doesnt go score limit in 6 or 7 minutes or less.

   I even think I'd like to try some knife only ffa on stonehaven. There's lots of open lines of sight there, but I played it in blitz several times and thought it was great for a fast stealthy knifing class. Lots of alternative routes that are still somewjhat hidden .

ye sneaking beside the walls then running up behind someone, bam!..we need a good mixture of stealth maps and run and gun..come on iw add stormfront we want it!..also i really hate that indoor space environment map thats the worst map ever