Have not recieved my killer instinct code for all characters unlocked.

A little disappointed that I have yet to receive this, I was informed of the offer on my xbox 360 weeks ago, and everyone who was supposed to get it, has. Anything I can do to get this code sent?


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also, I have checked my email, including junk mail and nothing has been recieved.

Im having this same issue, I got it on November 11th and have yet to receive anything

I Have called the xbox support line on friday, said I would get an email within the next few days, still keeping an eye out, Its kind of rediculous that were offered something and it never turns up though,

The game is a FREE download on XBox One. Just go to the Store and download it. It comes with Jago. Not sure about Shadow Jago however. I got XB1 on day one two, but never saw any code for KI in the box.

Its not in the box, the game is free, the characters are not. Some xbox live members, including myself, recieved a message early november about an email that we would recieve launch day to unlock all characters free. Still have not received anything from support. Kind of mad about being offered this and not getting it. pick it up microsoft,

I received the message too and still got no email. I chatted with an xbox support member and she referred me to this site. It's a load of bs.

You were only able to get Shadow Jago if you purchased a Day One 1 year subscription card for Xbox One.  Shadow Jago was an extra that came with it.

i received my code today, i had to use the support chat in order to get the code. they said they have to file an inquiry to investigate, and that takes 3 to 5 days then they send you the code.  

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