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So after dying a lot on BF3 I tried mw3 and even though I can go positive on mw3 I have more fun playing this :)


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Me to MW3 just makes me angry and want to break my controller. I honestly dont know why i continue to play it. I guess just because its something i can just jump on and play for 10 minutes.

you guys shouldn't stop playing COD though......play 'em both...mix it up, enjoy yourselves....monogamy is for marriage

I've given up on the MW brand of CoD.

my roommate plays MW2 exclusively. All I hear when he is playing is: 'Bullcookies!' 'How the hell did he shoot me thru 2 walls!!!' 'WTF!!' Basically, a whole LOT of grief. Meanwhile i'm in the other living room playing ME3, BF3, Gow3...deadspace, Red Dead Redemption, BFBC2, etc.....Can't understand why he only plays ONE game that gives him such grief....when there are so MANY awesome xbox games.

If i want a quick pick up and play i sometimes play halo,team slayer mp.I totally suck at it but i dont care.It is so much fun having mid air jetpack battles.I go negative nearly every game in halo,but still its fun.

The Battlefield games have always help my attention way longer then any other shooter.  With no other FPS pulling off what BF does it's easy to see why.  There's just something about being able to switch from an assault rife, to a sniper rifle, to a tank that screams replayability (yes i know it's not a word).  However I do believe there is one thing they can do better.  GIVE US 32v32 PLEASE!!!!!! Oh, and a battle recorder!

Fuzzy, does he trickshot? MW2 is pretty much trickshotters exclusive. I have a few friends who exclusively trickshot and a few actually get money off YT for it. (clans etc)