have DICE added 32 player support for BF3 on console??


Says next to the description of Conquest Players: 24/32 or 64 (Console/PC)


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Nah,Think its just a mistake that they had to edit after,Still 24 only.

not to be rude - but how can you be so sure?

I see it this way: Conquest Players: 24/32 or 64 (Console/PC) = Console 24 / PC 32 or 64.

No official announcements of player count change and reading the posts underneath it seems they already had to edit the PC player count cos of a mistake once so i think this is just a mistake too.I'm not 100% though but seems more likely than 32 players on console.

On PC you can get 32 48 and 64 person servers... So what they were saying was for conquest you can go 24 (Console) 32 (PC) 64 (PC)

PC will have 24 player Deathmatch, 32 player Rush (just like Bad Company2) & 64 player Conquest.  

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not to be rude - but how can you be so sure?


Why only 24 players?

This is how I know 24 players is the limit on the consoles.

when are you people going to set aside your wants and come back to reality here.

Read what it says.

the number 24 is before the forward slash as the word "console" is. the numbers 32 and 64 are after the forward slash which in turn corresponds to the two letters P and C.

One more time

24 = console and PC = 32 or 64.

It's not rocket science.

They flirted with the idea of 32 for consoles.  But that talk was like 6-8 months ago.  Thats swept under the rug and forgotten now.  Even though a weaker system as in ps2 had 32 players for Socom Navy Seals 3 and Combined Assault.  It was choppy some times.  But that was like 5 years ago when most DSL was like pathetic and cable was ok to decent. Now I think we could reach on it.  But probably be lousy when a ton of scrub dsl connections pile up in the room.