Have all the bugs been fixed?

I really enjoyed Fallout 3 and all the DLC, and Skyrim is turning out not to be my kind of game so I thought I'd give New Vegas a try but after reading reviews on how insanely glitchy and buggy the game is I'm having doubts about getting it. Have all the bugs been fixed? Also how is the DLC? If it's good I might just wait for the Ultimate Edition to come.


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The bugs were over-exaggerated, but yes, the game has been all patched up now.  And if you have played the fully patched version of Fallout 3, it's like that.  The DLC is good too.  However, I'd wait until the Ultimate Edition comes out because we're relatively close now and it'll save you $45

The bugs are still there and as strong as ever. Maul just never really played the game as much as many of us who encountered these issues. Not running Him down, but stating an observation.  Skyrim is less glitchy, but still has some issues with freezing and if You move into a "pinch point" You can get Your character stuck and have to reload a save, but the game is less glitchy then Fallout 3 and it's add on New Vegas. Wait for the GOTY and some more issues may be alleciated more.

I'm not sure about the old bugs...I've been playing Skyrim a lot, but over the weekend I tried to load up an old save that I had been waiting to use for the DLC in February, and it froze my console three times when I loaded it.  Fourth time was a charm, but clearly the game may still have the odd issue.

Well, Gutsy, I've played New Vegas for almost 400 hours and have more achievements in the game than you, so I guess I've played it more than you.  But no, the bugs aren't as strong as ever.  Obsidian patched the game to its fullest now and removed many of the bugs plaguing it.  This is a fact.  You can look it up in the patch fixes section on the wiki

As for Skyrim, it's irrelevant to to the conversation.  But yes, there are bugs, and in that game too, they're pretty minimalistic.  The point is though, if you ever buy a Bethesda/Obsidian/Fallout/Elder Scrolls game, expect it to be bugged