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I saw a video a while back before i got MvC3 that said you can o a move that will give you one full hyper bar but i forgot what the video was and what the input to do it was. So if anyone knows please tell me thanks.


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Oh good old forums.

Simply land a team aerial attack ending with down + launch button. As you climb up the ranks online you do not want to rely on this.

Thanks. Yeah i know i haven't touched online yet because i still play on very easy right now until i get better. I will probably beat it with every character on very easy and then go to easy and work my way from there. Just wanted to know what that move was do get an extra hyper bar, even though when i pull off combos it gets up fast but in case i need a hyper bar i will use this. Thanks again.

Closest thing I can think of is Thor's speech (down down + hold H I think).