have a problem with seasons online


I am trying to play fifa 14 on xbox one, in seasons mode - most of the times i try to connect, i get the message "Connection to opponent was lost.."

I am currently talking with ea, and i did everything they told me to, like set up DMZ, change the ports, delete the game and reinstall it, delete the gamertag from the xbox. All these things did not help, and they send it to higher department.

While i was checking for solution on their forums i saw someone told that he ask you to delete or restart his gamertag and it solve this problem.

Do you know about this solution? did it help anyone? what does it mean - it will delete all my records in fifa online?

thank you!


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I've never had the problem, but I do know that deleting your profile will NOT remove all of your FIFA records, as that stuff is saved on EA's (crappy) servers.

Even if i create new one? thanks!

Well, if you create a new one, it'll be a different account, so your progress won't be there.

Here is a solution. Delete this pos they call FIFA 14. What a freaking joke. After several updates still the same connection issues. Don't even get me started on the gameplay. I can't handle this *** ea put out anymore and because I downloaded it I can't get rid of it. Freaking bs of a game. I hope whoever decides to change the way it plays freaking breaks his dam leg!

I understand the problem in ea servers? ;p