Have a 7yr old son in need of like-minded friends!

So my son's father decided to surprise him with an Xbox 360 this year for Christmas. Now i'm a Playstation person myself (lol!) and know absolutely nothing about Xbox, so my boy and I are both going through a learning process with this console. He's been so spoiled with PS online gaming that he's determined to have friends on Xbox Live and having a hard time finding friends. The first thing I thought of was to send some friends requests to most of his friends on PS, but either they don't have an Xbox or haven't responded. But he did manage to make at least one friend this way.

Are there any other parents out there with children around his age with Xbox accounts? He'd love to play with them. I wouldn't mind him playing with adults, as long as their decent people and can maybe offer him (and me!) some insight into the Xbox gaming world.

The games he currently has in his possession are Mortal Kombat (the one with Freddie Krueger in it), Minecraft (he has lost his mind over this game! lol!), Assassin's Creed 2, Sonic Generations, Batman: Arkam City, and Harry Potter: Lego.

Also, his gamertag is JaylenD2006.

Thanks. =)


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if u need help feel free to ask me

Firstly Hello and Welcome both of you to the Xbox 360 online community,

The easiest way for you to make friends for your son is by posting on the community forums like you have done. Like with most things this may take time however if you are interested in finding your son more people to add to his friends list you could also reach out to the Xbox Ambassadors we (I am one but my Icon doesn't seem to show up) are members of the community on Xbox who signed up to a program that Microsoft put up to allow members to put themselves out there to the community. (That is how I see anyway) and as such Im sure if you add a couple of Ambassadors and send them messages asking them to recommend other mature gamers for you and your son to socialize with I am sure that would help with your current Issue, Also if ever you have questions Ambassadors can more than likely answer most of them in one form or another through examples or talking you through the answer (If possible)

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