Hats off to Turn 10

So Forza 4 has been out and all the racing fans have put their foot to the floor and And are tearing up the track

Their was a lot of expectations for F4 Many people were dis-satified with F3 mostly because of the online play And Promis's being broken by Turn 10 To those who bought the LEC of F3  ,, which promoted people such as my self to by a PS3 and Get GT5 ,,,Despite GT5 not living up to expectations the online play was much better then F3  ( which I live for the online play ) The rest of the game was a major Let down ,,,,Which resulted in people playing Forza 2

As some of you rember When Forza 3 came out a month later I reveled tha Forza4 was in the works and would be relseased by November of 2011 ( as I know someone who works for Turn 10 )  Some people laughed and said it wouldent come out till a New XBox was made  and Turn 10 started to moderate my Posts before before they would allow them to be posted ,As to prevent any info about Forza 4 getting out ,,wich dident stop me from trying )


Anyway when Forza 4 is out and It is now the best racing game so far ,,,Turn 10 did good with This game ( as I knew they would as my insider friend told me what it was gonna be like )


Turn 10 made a mistake with FM3 and really Went all out to make FM4 to be the best Racing simulator Yet ,,,,,,,,

Someone from Turn 10 is quoted  as saying right after Forza 3 came out  

 " People had high expectations ( Forza 3 )  and  WE did not deliver , In order to Keep our fans we need to Surpass all expectations and make Forza 4 the Gold Plus Standard " ............... Wich they did

No need to worry Casue PolyPhoney Has not plans on Making a GT6 anytime soon ...They are to busy trying Fix the unfixable GT5


Once again Hats off to Turn 10 Great game



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As long as they ban ALL of the credit modders(I saw a guy last nite have the highest bid on 3 unicorns)(all 999,999,999) come on T10. And the sell the VIP thing for everyone again, I'll be happy. They really screwed us loyal to T10 by not making enough LCE copies.

Good no Great job turn10..........