Hats off EA.

Credit where credit is due, this game is absolutely outstanding. I've only played a few of matches on XBL so far but I can already see what a monumental leap this is for football games. Thank the lord that someone high up at EA decided to change paths from the twitchy/arcade Fifa's of this gen (though I did enjoy them) and opt for a more simulator approach to football. I won't go into too much detail because i'm itching for more play -but everything from the animations, graphics, pacing, and the new impact engine are just perfect. Precision dribbling is finally becoming apparent and the new defense system is a game changer. Stadiums look incredible, some of the player likeness is uncanny. It actually FEELS like a football match, from the build ups to the frustrations of when your shot hits the post and your player falls to his knees and punches the grass. It puts you right in the match and you actually feel like what you are doing is having an effect on the way the game unfolds rather than just watching a bunch of animations and playing pinball. Most importantly of all tactical defending is mandatory on XBL and so you no longer have to sit there and watch yourself being completely owned by someone holding the A button!

I won't babble on anymore - but just say that the demo did NOT do this game justice. If you're looking at your gaming shelf and FIfa 12 isn't there, it damn well should be.


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Totally agree it's a fantastic game!!

what your really saying is that the defending is so bad your now scoring goals with ease which you had a struggle with in fifa 11.

^^ not at all, I agree with original poster, best soccer game ever.  9/10

it is amazing game I ever played in my life and boy, I'm a really good soccer player :)..

I'm addicted, they did so many things right in this game. Love it.

It's a good game but defending is none existent. You need three thumbs. Fail.

I loved 10 hated 11 and 12 is by far the best so far

+1. Good post. I could not agree more. '12 is, without a doubt, the best football game to date. EA pulled through with this one -- which I can not say for a lot of their more recent titles.

Awesome game the overall gameplay is much better, and you can score some sweet goals, love this well done EA

Great game, but it seems they have done too much of a good job. I can't even get into FIFA Ultimate Team, too many people playing it!