Hate the Drake sword

The drake sword, for those unfamiliar with it, is a sword that does 200 damage that you can get really early.  It's a really bad design decision because it makes every other early game weapon about as appealing as a wet sock.  I see players using it into their fifties. Who wants to use the same sword for fifty levels?  Does it remain the best weapon hands down even past fifty when upgraded with dragon scales?  I sure hope not.  I quit using it now at level 28, have a *** sword upgraded to +6 that does better damage but of course it's slower and doesn't raise my magic resistance like the drake so it's still an inferior weapon to the drake sword at this point.  I think it might finally be a better weapon by the time I get it up to +10

Why bother with any other weapon in the early game?  The drake is also a pretty limited weapon in terms of versatility, as in it doesn't really have many combat moves, just the special strong attacks that eat it's durability, that's going to leave a lot of players untrained in how too use the more advanced combat techniques you get with other swords.


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dont use it then.


black knight sword has more damage.

I'm not using it any more but it's pretty hard to resist using it early on considering all the other weapons do about half the damage.  I'm saying it's a flawed design decision.  

Nobody is holding a gun to your head forcing you to use it.  And it isn't like everybody finds the thing.  You have to do something so unusual you won't even know about it without reading about it online.  

If somebody wants to use it for fifty levels, that is their decision.  Who are you to tell people what they should and shouldn't do?  

I hate to sound like a flamer, but posts like these really rub me the wrong way.  And I can see plenty of reasons to use other weapons over it early on.  For one it doesn't have a thrust attack so fighting with it in halls can blow at times.  Dex builds have better options if they want to take advantage of their speed (as in fast attack animations).  

I just don't understand why some people have a problem letting others play a game the way they want to.

I was discussing the games design, not peoples choices.

And yes, dex builds have better choices, but most other melee builds don't.

A poor game design would have been placing it in the path for every single person to come across, completely unmissable.  It was essentially included as a sort of easter egg.  Items that are easter eggs are not "poor design choices".

Had the sword been in a chest that everybody walks by early on...different story.  

a little off topic but i alomost broke my drake sword ...had i coninued using it and broken it, can the blacksmith repair it? or can he only repair damaged weapons and the ones thatyou break are gone forever?

love the drake sword by the way. and i couldnt even get it on my first character i made because i killed the vendor in the undead burg so i had no access to a bow or arrows. so like some one said previously...not everyone will get it. lol

It's not like it's a giant secret that cutting off monsters tails in this game can result in a weapon drop.  Besides, let's not pretend the internet doesn't exist, it does, so developers need to take that into account and not put a weapon that outclasses every other early game weapon in easy reach.  I could respect the design decision to make the sword available if there were lots of risk involved in getting it.  Say if you actually had to fight the dragon and live long enough to cut off it's tail and if you failed you risked losing all your humanity.  Instead, every gets the sword risk free and ends up losing their early game humanity to Capra with no item reward.

But even then, no weapon that powerful that outclasses every other weapon around for fifty levels or more should be a guaranteed drop period, rare to ultra rare drop on a non-respawn monster would have been my call if forced to put it in the game at all.

Just use the damn thing. You'll still die, a lot. I'm level 52 and recently replaced the Drake Sword +2 with Quelaag's Furysword +4. Neither sword is particularly over powered. Being able to one shot rats and Hollow men doesn't mean much. In fact, it just makes the runs back to the boss, mini-boss, or black knight who killed you that much more bearable.

It makes the game a bit more accessible and player friendly early on, but by no means is it a flaw, the element of strategy and countering your foes is what makes this game. So you take a few less wacks and save 10-30 mintues more using it.

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