Hate mail

Ever get it on BF?

I get a few from kids raging because I've smashed them up a bit. I love it, it's a great laugh.


Don't even need to respond, just laugh and enjoy the fact you have made some kid spit his milk out his nose

and crush his oreo's in frustration.


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I love getting hate mail! Although I'm in a hate mail slump I'm sure it's coming.

Got some during a CQ Arica Harbour match yesterday, was matched against some kiwis & ozzies. I went medic, XM8 - 45 for 15 or something an 5k +. To be fair I must have had the lag in my favour for once!!! Next match we started spawn raping, so I joined the whingers & ended being invited to their party haha nuts, had to go to work but that would ve been funny

I get some every now and then. I've been reported of cheating twice, and 2 I've gotten because of the 40mm shotgun lol.

i probably average one hate mail per hour of playing BFBC2, mostly from using my M1 and out gunning spray and pray medics, but I get lots for griefing snipers too, my team, thier team, if you're using a 12x and being useless, I'll ruin your day. it's the "I'll play this game how I want" mentality thrown right back at them.

I get it almost everytime i play i feed off of it.i love when one or two guys try to kill you the hole game.and they cant you kill them over and over again.next thing you no you are a hacker you have mod xbox.right you cry babys go back to COD or MW2.....later

The last one I got was because I was using the M416. Saying I had no skill because I was using in his own words "the easyest weapon on the game" LOL. The real reason he was raging was that I knifed the guy 5 times an became his nemais because he kept bush wooking in the same spot every time I killed him LOL.

I've gotten hate mail from someone on my own team once, he was a recon trying to snipe and ended up with like 160 points by the end of the rush match so the next match as defenders I spammed tracers darts to his face trying to get him to do something other than sniping, because he was clearly bad at it.

I get hatemail all the time, but I don't really think I do anything to deserve it. I very seldomly do cheap stuff.

Getting a 75 killstreak in the Huey got me some on a few occasions.

Dam chopper ***.lol...hehehehehehehe Hey AssyrianWarfare be sure to always kill them dam bush wookies first..later

For hitting and killing a full blackhawk from 600m away on heavy metal CQ with the T90, and then preceding to shoot down 6 other helos that match.