Hate Mail on Reach

Got this message after I quit: (teammate was betraying me)

Moral of the Story: Don't Quit!


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You don't get much hate mail?

LMAO... quitters suck

Quitters never win. Winners never quit.

No never quit, just let them betray you until you get the choice to boot them and if not, then give a player review after the match and avoid the player. I wouldn't call that hate mail. I've had some horrendous hate mail ,doesn't bother me.

Going into a game with a small party can help you motivate past the unscrupulous players out there.  You'll be less inclined to quit on your team if your playing with folks you respect.  Because Halo lacks the option of joining mid-game quitting really hurts a team, as much so as having a betrayer.  Team balance is crucial to a good halo experience and when you quit, you throw that balance off.

Man, I so have your back here.  I keep getting people on my team PURPOSELY standing in front of me when I'm sniping, then I end up shooting them accidentally (half the time I'm zoomed in so i don't even notice!)  then I get booted.

How many generations of inbreeding does it take for these players to get that stupid?!  Why do they even bother playing if all they're going to do is F*** up the game for the rest of us?

regarding quitters,  I have to say though, why stick with a game if all but two people are running around shooting eachother or suiciding?  it's a waste of time, boring, and frustrating.  I play to win, and if my team isn't going to even TRY to play decently, why stick around?  I'd rather find a game worth playing!

Abjectmoonangel : I love that tactic.  the annoying thing is when it doesn't GIVE you the option to kick them, and they're betraying knocks your teams score down too much.  But kicking them is fun, kinda satisfactory.  Wish XBL or whoever would actually, ya know, discipline these betrayers besides a ten minute 'time out'.  What are we, four? lol

simple thing to do is don't quit. there's always the possibility that you could come out on top and win.