Hate mail and harassment

I was recently playing a thrilling game of Madden 25. I was losing in the first quarter going into the second, as a matter of fact I hadn't even scored. I scored my first touchdown with three minutes on the clock before halftime. I went for two points and the individual I was playing suddenly asked for a friendly quit. I declined and the messages began to come. I was told by the individual I was playing through a message that he was going to get all of his friends to report me because I was a glitching bum. He instructed them to report me at the same time so I will be kicked off Xbox live. He sent several other messages where he called me a *** and he cursed with profanity and vulgarities toward me. He threatened me and then I began to get threats from all of his friends. I did nothing wrong to deserve this and I strongly feel that the Xbox servers should be more involved to deter this type of activity and senseless harassment from occurring in the future. I have not figured out what actions I need to take and would appreciate it for those who know what to do to direct me in my next steps. Here is a list of the gamertags of the people who participated along with him and his gamertag will be first:
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Please read the rules about posting Gamertags in complaints.

Make sure you make a formal complaint on your Player feedback.

You can also block those guys in the same manner.