has youtube updated and fixed there app

question is in subject. i waas forced to redownload new update. hopefully this is is the end of the problem.


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So far I've have no problem with the update.

It fixed my buffering issues it doesn't take 20 minutes to buffer anymore. Not sure if it's fixed freezing issues though but haven't had any today.

They fixed one problem and gave us a new one. Now instead of buffering and never starting again it stops and buffers every couple seconds. Now every video, but a lot! I can't wait to get rid of this thing!

It froze after one video for me a few minutes ago. :(

its not perfect but I 'll gladly take a little buffering over my system freezing up any day.  Good thing the harddrives are built like tanks... Thanks to youtube and MS for finally getting this done too... they do care

the update made youtube worse xbox i cant  start videos anymore

its worse it still freezes and now buffers far too much  maybe the xboxs arnt fit for purpose because noone can script / code that bad