has the alchemy glitch been fixed yet?

has the alchemy lab in the 1st city been fixed yet??  i havent played in a whille saw a new dlc on xbl and gona grab it but wanted to know if the alchemy lab has been fixed yet for the 1st house ?


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Which city?  Whiterun?


And what glitch?

You've got me curious too. I've been playing since day 1, have never had a problem with any alchemy lab.

After one of the updates, the alchemy lab disappeared from Whiterun for many people.

Quite frankly, that doesn't bother me. It's not a game damaging glitch by any means.

Make the alchemy lab the kids room

Well yeah, but that's not a glitch. Converting the Whiterun house alchemy lab to a child's room is a deliberate decision made by the player.

In my opinion I'd say it has been, I faced the same problem but now it is a choice between a child's room or a lab. Just as OldPepsiMan had said. You can feel free to switch between the two though...that is as long as no kids are living there.

ok yea and it was when dawnguard got realesed that i 1st encountered the whiterun house lab glitch ty all

The solution is simple really, get a different house.

This happened on one of my characters.  It was a easy fix if you caught it right off the bat.  i am not sure if the fix was in a patch or i went back to my last save.  mobile post

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Make the alchemy lab the kids room

[/quote] Just like in real life!