Has Sniping been Ruined?

I always have loved sniping in this game as it is MUCH more realistic then other games but I have found that they have ruined sniping...


Earlier today I was playing on a map that I dont know the name but i was prone at the end of a street waiting for the other team to run down it for the next objective. 3 of them ran out so I went to aim and shoot them. Even though I was well hidden, they saw the giant spotlight of my scope and killed me before I could get a second shot off..


What they have changed to ruin sniping......


-Rifles do less damage, sometimes it will take 3 shots with a .308 or 7.62x54r which is BS.

-Spotlight your scope creates, the biggest thing about a sniper is camoflauge and staying hidden, which is impossible now

-Visibility sucks, every map has some kind of dust or rain so you cannot see that far well at all.

-Maps are not that wide open and really dont have any spots that offer a good vantage point to see far. If you do find a good one people see you because of the "spotlight effect"


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People are cowards by nature,and strangely it translates into videogames.If you give the gamesplaying masses a way to kill others while keeping yourself out of the danger,most are gonna jump on that.Tanks for example,everyone wants into the tank.Helos,everyone wants in the helos.Those 2 aren't too bothersome because they are limited.But snipers....snipers snipers snipers,by god you lot are a bunch of panzy a$$ed yellowbellys,make it available to all and each team gets filled with these useless prats,ruining a perfectly good match.The amount of times i've been in siene and spotted 4 scope glints all in the same darkened room in one of the buildings...lmao rpgs,gotta love em:PYou can't deny the truth,people gravitate to the sniper because they are scared to get hurt,even virtually.

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You mean my 56-0? I'm still not jumping out...so I defuse a bomb with 37 tickets left, get shot in the back and the T90 gets destroyed/stolen and we lose in the next 45 seconds. What exactly was accomplished? Or I can stay in the tank, keep killing enemies and hope one of the brainless retards goes near the M-COM and has the attention span to hold B for 5 seconds without seeing something shiny and running off.


What is also being accomplished when you stay in your tank and your teammates don’t disarm?

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Good.  Pull out a real class and contribute to the team.


the recon class can be as good if not better than some classes. i use the default snipers with acogs and they actually are pretty good to use while capturing flags or even defending. it is very easy to hit targets at close to medium ranges with them. also one of the best features for the recon class is the spawn beacon. on certain maps that are harder to control the middle flag i start out with the sniper then go to somewhere between the middle flag and the flag nearest the opponents and set the beacon. it does come in handy because it stays their until the enemy ends up finding it and destroying it, and in a lot of cases they never find it. i switch kits after i plant it that way i have a weapon with a higher fire rate. usually my assault kit or support kit so i can help out the team with ammo or reviving people. btw, the soflam is used to assist in taking out vehicles.

I can snipe fine. I think its totally balanced now. It's not so easy everyone does it, you actually have to be good.

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Lol top o% Abrahams but you still cant figure out how to disarm a crate


Abraham's? And why would I jump out to disarm at 56-0?


If you're having that much trouble then only snipe on larger maps. Pick a different weapon for the recon class and do more to help out your squad/team on smaller maps. In this game there's a lot more to the class than a sniper rifle.

@Fatboy: The recon class does have the soflam so they can at least target vehicles for engineers.

Just use a P90 instead.

I don;t even use the recon class for sniping, I use it as an assault class with recon gadgets. works great for me.

Jump out of your tank to defuse a bomb so i can steal it then use it to support my team as all your bombs become belong to us.

better cry to DICE....so they can nerf some more stuff

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