Has playing COD had a positive impact on your life?

I find that I am nice to people in real life after taking out my anger on online foes

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Given me plenty of laughs. //and tears.

I always picture some morbidly obese kid when I see this guy post. I dunno why. I just do. P.S You're not funny.

No it doesn't. It leaves me in an extreme state of rage that makes incapable of doing anything as I dwell all night and day over my 0.1 drop in K/D ratio to the point where I want to destroy everything in my path to let the game know I am not to be messed with...

Zombies is a stress reliever - just something about decapitating the undead.... but Multiplayer is very hit and miss - too many WTF moments for me.


No,It makes me moody and shout at misses eyeball sometimes when she tries talking to me while i play.It also makes me shout at my monitor and my controller.CoD is puuurrreee evil! :P

  Its pretty stress relieving most of the time ....... other times I'll call it a lesson in patience,  tolerance and self control.

Its weird. If I jump on and do terrible, I will play on tilt alot. Just having those games where you can do nothing right. Going 5-24 every game, playing 4 hours straight just trying to go even or have a good game. Then I find a lobby of noobs and go like 34-5 two games in a row, and then I am bored and get off. Its like we ask for the punishment, LOL. This is in past CoDs of course as Ghosts and Xbone time will be Christmas.

Better reflexes and coordination, maybe.

I usually play CoD to blow off steam, so it can be a stress reliever.

I'd say it has. I started playing back on COD4 and had a K/D over 2, that's when I got my first girlfriend and started making mad cash. Every year my girlfriends get uglier, my pockets more lean and skills worse and worse. It did at one point have a positive impact though.