has my game died?

I am doing nightmare(hard) run thru. Level 49 witch doc.On entering the core of arreat crater game will freeze, on single or multi player, as soon as a fight begins. My stash is at 120 slots and was full of rare, legendary and crafting stuff. I salvaged all the rare stuff just to see if reducing atored gearmade a difference, still froze.

I have trained my blacksmith to lv8 & jewelsmith to 5 and have been using varying qualities of rubies in my helmets to boost my xp quicker for several levels.

Any sugestions? or is it a terminal problem and will it happen at the same point with other characters?


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In my experience the game will freeze semi-frequently in Act III. There's nothing to be done about it.

Installing the disc to the hard drive seemed to help it occur less often. Good luck.

It sems to have sorted itself out. I signed a hardcore chracter in and played that for a while  then just out of curiosty/ hope signed my witch doc in and it had stared working again!!

this really is an issue with the game, i've confirmed that it is not the xbox system, I transferred my save over to another machine and tried it there i got the same game freeze up. I will be contacting Blizzard under their warranty that their media is defective.

i am thinking about starting another character that shared the same stash box and see if that changes anything.

F MS F Blizzard those F head are a bunch of  Greedy F heads that Don't give an F about their Products... you S locks up to bad for you, is what they said. start it over again. delete and restart that is the solution.