Has anyone tried the multiplayer yet ?

How is this part of the game Oh, MP is on your 3rd disc. What options did they give you and I read something about its mostly car battles ?


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There's Road Rage and Legends of the Wasteland. Road Rage is mostly Triad/Chain Rally and Meteor Rally racing, competing against 3 other people to get 200 points. Legends is a co-op mode made up of 9 missions that tell little stories about people in the Wasteland, like how Dan got the sniper rifle that saves you at the beginning of the game. It's laggy from time to time but no frame rate issues and for the most part it feels really fair.

I thought the Mp was ok but nothing to sing home about I don't play the multiplayer anymore since I got the few achievements related to MP. The co-op legends are pretty cool tho if you got a friend you like to play with but you don't need a friend from your list anyone can jump in and play them with you.


I played a little co-op last night and although it was fun, I was hoping for co-op campaign, not co-op short stories like MW2 had. Very disappointing. To me, there's a ton of difference in the two.