has anyone solved the pyramid for 23 jan 2014?

Not sure it can be solved. Any help out there?


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Can you please post this on our Facebook page? This forum is primarily for technical support. Thanks!


What happened to the forum where players could share hints for solving the daily challenge?  I looked at the facebook page and did not find any help!

On the first board, you MUST pair the Qs with the As. Then be careful with the 10's and 3's .

Thanks for the hint, but I am still stuck on this challenge! Grrrrrrr.

i just finished it. after 60 plays. in 20 of them first board went alright. second one I could not do till now.

I learnt is if we try to keep at least one pair of cancellable cards the big X mark will not come up so we can shuffle the cards bin. as long as possible cancel cards from board only.

it will help

SnowWight1, are you stuck on 1st board or 2nd board. I can post either if you want.

WorldSinger085, do not forget you can only go through the deck 3 times!

the first board. It's driving me crazy!

that is news to e thanks CominedPlague2

Don't worry. Just solved it! Phew lol. Thanks for the help! x