Has anyone rented this game from Redbox?

Reason why I am asking is because I am wondering if Redbox actually gives you all three discs. Personally, if its just one disc at a time I won't even bother renting Rage from Redbox.

Thanks in advance.


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I don't think redbox has a case for multiple discs, which is why you can only get the ps3 version from them.

dude really i don't want to sound rude but come on who rents games from redbox when you can get a game pass from blockbuster for less than $8 the first month and $15 a month after that or gamefly even. it makes sense though that you wouldnt be able to get it from there though cause they do not have a 3pk container. I get it though if your trying games out for $2 a day but you could put that towards a gamepass or gamefly i don't do gamefly but blockbuster gamepass to me just seems better. i was able to get the game the 1st day. still playing hoping i get it knocked out before Saints Row The 3rd comes out.

it's not available from RedBox because of the multiple disks.

KaveG, I'm not 100% familiar with the "game pass" from Blockbuster, but not everyone has access to Blockbuster stores since they've down-scaled HUGE. As far as GameFly, I was a subscriber to that service, but after a while I got to the point where I didn't want to get any of the crap games and I didn't want to pay the $16 ($7.95 first month ($15.95/month after)) for junk games that I don't really want to play... so, I quit. now I do use the RedBox for games, but only once or twice a month or so for $2 each... So, Rather than spend $8 or $16 a month, I spend $4-$6 a month...(if that) if I really like the game I've gotten from Redbox, I go buy it. If not, it goes back to the box the next day...

ummmm what's a Blockbuster??............................... ohh wait is it that video store that is pretty much non-existent  now a days  due to Netflix and Redbox and Gamefly. Ya that's what it is.