Has anyone one else come across glitched cards?

I recently built a deck that had spell canceller in it. along with  Swords of reviling light was played before I summoned spell canceller. Spell Canceller effect is As long as this card remains face-up on the fieldSpell Cards cannot beactivated. The effects of all Spell Cards are also negated. Yet it would not let me attack. Then black horn of the heave has the effect to negate a special summons of monster your opponent has just summoned yet it would only let me negate the special summons of monster reborn. Both are good cards when working the way they are meant to. If anyone knows of a way to see if they are going to patch the game to fix these cards or know of other cards that are broken compared to the way they work in the tcg game let us know here. 


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Prohibition usually crashes the game when played and gives you a disk unreadable error, same goes for using mind crush to see all cards in game.

I remember reading on the official sight about 4 or 5 years ago that if Swords of reviling is activated and Silent Swordsman LV7 is summoned that swords won't destroy its self because if its effect no attack effect can't be chained to by the negate spell effect if already in play but the turn trigger effect that destroys its self cannot be activated because that effect is being negated.

That was a mouthful...5 stars for actually understanding yugioh and how card effect play off of one another.

Mind crush does the same when prohibition. Naturia  horneedle can tribute itself without tributing itself to stop a special summons even though the cards say When your opponent Special Summons a monster, you can Tribute 1 face-up "Naturia" monster you control, except this card, to destroy the Special Summoned monster. So it is a no cost royal oppression. Will Start side decking this for those pesky blacking decks and gladiator beast.

as for spell canceler if imperial customs negates the effect blocking your from attacking so should Silent swordsman and spell canceler. This is the problem with this game. They say if the card says something it takes president but then change the rules for there need.  Such as black luster solider vs Chaos chaos sorcerer. Both require the same summoning but on the original black luster solider envoy of the beginning it didn't state that it could come back after it met its summoning requirements now the printed card says that. Rule changed to fit what they want.

Anyway the game is still fun. even if we have a broken game with some cards and a outdated ban list and don't have as many cards or ways to get the cards as say the ndsi.

yeah the game is good but it takes ahwhile to get going-I wonder what glithches there will be in a future game-I bet Madolches and xyz will really confuse the programming at first.