Has anyone noticed "Join session in progress"

Hello All,

Has anyone notice that sometimes there is an optiion to "join a friends game" when they are playing Dark Souls. I caught this the other night when a friend and I were trying to join up. I joined his session and then put my soul stone down, and he found me right away. What I think this is, is the ability to join someone's server, and then being able to play with them. Has anyone else seen this?


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*slowly takes off glasses*

...MY GOD.

You sir, may have found the Golden goose. I could kiss you right now. This TOTALLY WORKS!!!!!!

lol...yeah I know. Thats what I thought when I noticed it. However for some reason it does not all ways say that.

But weird..sometimes it grays out the option to join.... Wonder what the parameters are for it

This is real interesting.... but 2 points:   Would you have to be in the game and "logged" in, in order for the game to know what player you're using to be within 10% of the other players level???   And similarly, can you see this on the xbox dashboard or only once you've fired up the game and it says "friends playing Dark Souls" ??

I can answer those points. You cannot join someones "game" just their server. The game does not know what level you, it will just put you in the same world. My buddy and I werent able to join each other's game however we were able to another friends world who was 30 levels lower than us, so we used him as a bridge to hook up with. 2nd point, yes you can see this from the dashboard that is how I first noticed it.

Maybe you can ONLY see it from the dashboard, because once your on a server your on a server until you log off??

No you can see it while in the game as well. But you are right about once your in a server your in. To get around this, I have been quiting the game through the game's menu. Then you go to the load screen. From here join the session in progress. And when it loads it should put you into the server.

GENIOUS!!!!!!!! This works people!!

"Gives calidude a big hug(no homo)"

AAWW DUDE!!! I have to try this. Finally a way to play the game with my friends, and some of the other folks I've added from this forum. AWESOME!!!

One of you WILL help me get through blight town! I DEMAND IT!!!

Hey we are all in this together, and anything I find I am more than happy to share because this will help build the community up!...lol and Dre G you got me laughing with the no homo thing...lol

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