Has anyone beat Bolas.

Im really starting to hate this game..Its bad enough that the game wont let you progress without finishing the challenges, but now that ive done all of them..Guess what..Bolas is one of the MOST CHEAP *&^%$%^ in the game.. I mean my friend and i had im down to 3 life..out of the blue..pulls out two cards and kills us all and wins. 5 times in a row We get him to around 3-5 life..bam..always at the right time..when he needs it..he gets the cards he needs to win..while we get  mana screwed. or he steals our creatures What am i suppose to use on this guy!! 


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and yes i do have all the cards..what decks are best against him..IVE TRIED THEM ALL. and as usual..bolas always seems to find the right card at the right time to win..

Use 3 Illusion decks and you'll have his pants in no time (+1 for anyone who catches this reference) . My friend and I were having a tough time with him until we tried this strategy. I stayed back and used Counterspells, Cancels, etc. on his bigger threats while my friend and the AI beat his face with Krovikan Mists. We had absolutely no trouble beating him the first time this way.

3 illusions is yer only man for that!!

Thank you!!!  Every time i fought that guy i would he would always get the card he wanted, but the 3 Illusion decks worked perfect!

Using 3 of the red burn decks works even better in my opinion since the AI teammates can't *** up as much with them...